Project Mangagement for High-Tech Industries in Asia


What is Germasia?

Germasia offers project management and related services to technology companies and equipment makers.
The Germasia team consists of experienced engineers, project leaders and production experts from Europe and Asia, ready to lead your technology projects in Asia to success.


What can Germasia do for you?

Our core competencies are

  • On-site project management for (mostly Western) high-tech companies in Asia
  • Installation of systems and machinery in a manufacturing environment
  • Setup of production capacities and sites
  • Optimisation of manufacturing processes
We support you on-site and take over full project responsibilities.

Through partner companies, we can also help you to

  • Establish offices, companies and representatives in Asia
  • Hire suitable personnel (local or expatriate)

Which industries does Germasia serve?

We currently have experienced consultants and project leaders in

  • Semiconductors (Wafer Fab, Advanced Packaging)
  • Micromechanics, Sensors, Optoelectronics
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Solar Cells
  • Energy Storage (Li-Ion and other battery technology)
  • Medical and Biotechnology
  • SAP, Production planning, data warehousing

We are constantly adding knowledge into our pool of experts. Please feel free to contact us if your area is not listed above.


Which countries is Germasia active in?

Our consultants have successfully managed projects in

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
Besides local companies, we have served clients from Germany, Switzerland, USA and the Netherlands.

Why Asia?

The high-tech industry in Asia is fast, agile and cost effective. With our help, these factors can work to your advantage, without compromising your strengths like European thoroughness and quality.
Whether you plan to manufacture in Asia or serve customers there, Germasia will be an essential partner for you.


Why external project management?

  • Successful projects require tracking of complex activities, decisive leadership and good communication. Particularly in Asia, it is therefore important to have knowledgeable people on hand. Small and medium-sized companies often rely on external partners to achieve this.

  • It's an important part of project management to foresee and prevent problems. Our expertise enables us to recognise potential issues before they arise. This saves cost and reduce unnecessary trips of your in-house specialists.

  • Many problems of international projects could be prevented by careful communication and understanding. Our project leaders are fluent in English and an Asian language, often complemented by other languages and/or German. They are on-site daily to ensure no delay caused by communication breakdown. We use technology to bridge distances between you and the project locations.

  • Most projects are multi-disciplinary and cross-functional. It is next to impossible to find a project leader with the precise skills match. As a customer of Germasia you gain access to our talent pool. Our consultants have experience in various technologies, are competent in intercultural issues and able to communicate well. They are open for long-term contract-based work, so you need to provide fewer of your own valuable personnel - a great advantage in cyclical markets!


Does engaging Germasia cause additional costs?

On the surface: Yes.
We usually charge on a time-and-material basis (other models are possible). We cost less than sending one of your own specialists as expatriate, but more than local personnel you could hire.
Many companies prefer to work with partners like Germasia as long as they are not established in Asia and don't have sufficient knowledge and understanding of local sensitivities and business culture. This is faster and cheaper than re-inventing the wheel for each country you deal in.


Is our intellectual property safe with Germasia?

Please rest assured that we take your concerns about loss or leaks of process, product and strategic knowledge very serious. We sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement(NDA) with every customer before exchanging confidential data.